The fashion stylists and personal stylists - What is the difference?

The fashion stylists and personal stylists - What is the difference?

Although fashion stylists and personal stylists at work with clothing and visual appearance, there is a difference in their job descriptions. "Personal style" and "fashion stylist" is sometimes used interchangeably and this has created some confusion about the roles of these people in the world of fashion and why we believe it is necessary to try to differentiate between the two.

For starters, fashion stylists and personal stylists, or "image consultants" as often called, operate in different areas. The first works normally in the proper fashion industry, often the fashion style photo shoots that later spreads to appear in fashion magazines, while the last private work personally with clients. Fashion stylists also work with clothing designers, helping to create a certain 'look' for their parades and brochures, and can even work in the film industry in collaboration with the wardrobe department of "style" of the locker room various actors to wear.

A branch of conventional type is fashion stylist celebrity stylist. They work mainly with celebrities in particular, often to determine what will be spent on awards red carpets and movie premieres, for example. Sometimes they act as image consultants, giving their celebrity clients personal advice on what to wear on a daily basis, but the primary role of the celebrity stylist is famous for the formal style of public appearances.

Some consultants have become well-known celebrity in its own right due to the high-profile jobs they do which is unusual for stylists, in general, as is largely a behind the scenes type of work, despite connotations of its glamor. Rachel Zoe is an example of this, and is often seen by the media both style choices for their own style as a style of celebrity clients.

Image consultants, on the other hand, work mainly on a personal level with people who want to improve your personal appearance and how they are visually perceived by others. It is common to use image consultants clothing accessories, hairstyle and makeup to help clients look better. Some image consultants, even going so far as to include posture, speech and body language as part of the visual appearance on the premise that everything that relates to the visual aspect has an influence on it.

As can be seen from the top fashion stylists and image consultants at work with clothing and appearance, but this is where the similarity ends, as the daily roles that are somewhat different.

The fashion stylists and personal stylists - What is the difference?


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